Leeanna Torres

Leeanna T. Torres is a native daughter of the American Southwest, with deep Indo-Hispanic roots in New Mexico. Through her writing she hopes to speak with and from that sacred sense of place that is inherent in the great Southwest, that intrinsic relationship between people and place – el sagrado, the sacred. Her essays have been published in regional literary magazines such as Pilgrimage and Bosque. Her work is also featured in the New Mexico Review, Blue Mesa Review, and is forthcoming in the Santa Fe Literary Review.

Tuyuna by Leeanna Torres

    Brian speaks the name with intention, even though he is a white man. T-u-y-u-n-a. There is a deep-thudded “nuh” at the end of his pronunciation, thick with meaning and command, and the name takes on a life of its own as it sounds itself out through his mouth […]