Rest[rain] by Janet Norman Knox


she’s going


for a little


wrest rest wrest

a way

restive restless restrict restore restitute

a little way

for her


forego alittle

way way go away

the rest’s going

she’s wrested




Janet Norman Knox is a seven-time Pushcart nominee and finalist for the Discovery/The Nation Award. Her poems have appeared in Los Angeles Review, 5 AM, Crab Creek Review, Rhino, Bellingham Review, Fourth River, Diner, Seattle Review, Adirondack Review, and Diagram. She received the Ruskin Poetry Prize (Red Hen Press) and the Los Angeles Review nominated her for Best New Poets. Her collection, Eastlake Cleaners when Quality & Price Count [a romance], received the Concrete Wolf Editor’s Award. Janet collaborates with artists Anne Beffel (Jack Straw Foundation and Duwamish Revealed Grants) and Vaughn Bell (4Culture and Duwamish Revealed Grants) and serves on the Crab Creek Review Editorial Team. She is an entrepreneur and Environmental Geochemist.