Recommended Usage by Andrew Seguin


After work a rainwalk
to beat the mind out
of me. Help elements

pepper my shelter.
Touch mustard,
touch red, a songbird

I’ll call Condiments.
Helps untrap
my vocabulary.

One elm
is manyness,
postures of a

god. In it an
oriole, or orange song
I don’t know.

I know sirens
are whetting
their machetes.

I know my mind
goes up on
a ladder

all top rungs
where it’s inadvisable
to put any weight.


Andrew Seguin is the author of The Room In Which I Work (Omnidawn 2017). His other work includes the chapbooks NN and Black Anecdote, as well as a series of cyanotypes inspired by Moby-Dick. A former Fulbright scholar, Andrew lives and works in New York City.