I AM LETTING YOU IN by Kathy Evans

on a big secret

On the third day of creation       eyes

Once before I was born I was       a hoof

Music wasn’t created yet, but       leaves were
Behind our perception of sky       another sky, darker

Colors had not been born

Language was the last fire,       the first smoke
Who came up with numbers?       Well, it wasn’t God

We thought that pods and leaves and gold ran sideways
This could all exist in the imagination      I know is just a gigabyte
You tell me what came first       a kiss came first
Seeds can be deceptive

I didn’t exist on the first day       I wasn’t there yet

In the beginning was not a beginning       there was no beginning

a light

from the top of the darkness       something cracked

it was Black Friday

something spilled

Kathy Evans, from Sausalito, California, is the author of three books of poetry. She has been published in many journals and West Coast Reviews, including The Alaska Review, the Atlantic Review, California Quarterly, Black Bear Review, Runes, Oberon, and others. She teaches Creative Writing at Juvenile Hall in Marin County, and at several colleges in the Bay Area-San Francisco State University, The College of Marin, an at the University of San Francisco; she also teaches through The California Poets-in-the-Schools program, and at UCSF in the Children’s Benioff Children’s Hospital.. Her three collections of poetry include: Imagination Comes To Breakfast, As The Heart Is Held, and Hunger and Sorrow, which was the winner the Small Press Poetry Prize.