Displacement by H.E. Fisher

NASA confirmed a meteor exploded
over Pittsburgh like thirty tons of TNT.
Some thought it was a bomb. A knock

on the door the day of eviction.
On another day, a bridge fell.
There is barely a wake at the point

where the Three Rivers meet. Locals
talk about a fourth river geologists
say is an aquifer formed by ancient

glaciers trapping water. There is more
water now: the weight of ice melt
and underground saturation re-tilting

Earth’s axis. A city can drown.
Some bodies seek gravity,
never find it, never land.

H.E. Fisher is the author of the collection STERILE FIELD (Free Lines Press, 2022). Her chapbook, JANE ALMOST ALWAYS SMILES, is forthcoming from Moonstone Press (9/22). H.E.’s work has recently appeared in Whale Road Review, Indianapolis Review, Miracle Monocle, Longleaf Review, and Anti-Heroin Chic, among other publications. H.E. was awarded the 2019 Stark Poetry Prize in Memory of Raymond Patterson at City College of NY, was a finalist in the 2020-21 Comstock Review Chapbook Contest, and has been nominated for BOTN. H.E. is the editor of (Re) An Ideas Journal. https://www.hefisher.com/