Daphne: five ways in which to burn by Abigail Ardelle Zammit


Abigail Ardelle Zammit has had poetry and reviews published in a variety of international journals including Matter, Tupelo Quarterly, Boulevard, Gutter, Modern Poetry in Translation, MyslexiaPoetry International,The SHOp, Iota, Aesthetica, Ink, Sweat and TearsHigh Window, and The Ekphrastic Review.  Abigail’s collections of poetry are Voices from the Land of Trees (Smokestack, 2007)and Portrait of a Woman with Sea Urchin (SPM, 2015).  She has also co-authored two bilingual pamphlets (Half Spine, Half Wild Flower – Nofsi Spina, Nofsi Fjur Selvaġġ) and written A Seamus Heaney guidebook for high school students.