Ignition by Jameka Williams

Open wide text me
your fevers chat me
up about our lonely
childhoods spent
flicking lit matches
at chained dogs kick
up the flames with
wrap your mouth
around or melt to
your knees
sing for
me I am alone I am           lonely!
as the moon is faithful
always singing self-pity
to American Dream eyes
& megapixel bathroom
bod or guy in bowtie
dreaming of digital
porn still-life his desires
as pretty as a potted plant
in front of an oiled pair
of tits amalgamations
of the men my father
wants me to cook dinner
for when the microwave
is all that’s left
to buzz between us           sing!
flicker like flames of broken
code raining down screen my
mainframe teeth & addled
analog mouth yearning is not
a private affair your mother
has alone in the bathroom
running her fingers down
her throat           so how will
our children know we
were here, bloody & wet,
simulacrum lovers? chain
ourselves outside & howl
wagging our extinguisher tongues?
Jameka Williams is a MFA candidate at Northwestern University hailing from Greater Philadelphia. Her poems have been published in Prelude Magazine, Gigantic Sequins, Powder Keg Magazine, and Yemassee Journal. Muzzle Magazine has nominated her poem, “Yeezus’ Wife,” from their June 2017 issue for “Best of the Net 2017.” She resides in Chicago, IL.