YOUR CORAL FLOWER by Meredith Stricker, Mayaan Tsadka, & Kumi Uyeda


About Your Coral Flower

          “we are bees of the invisible” – Rilke

Process Note

The poems in YOUR CORAL FLOWER are gathered as post-2016 election response. They continue the performance “we are bees of the invisible” on colony collapse disorder and the necessary beauty of bees involving piano, cello, melodica, trumpet, toy piano, electronic music, projected images, video and poetry in a collaboration by poets, musicians, composers, bee-keepers and audience presented at Flytrap Studio, Oakland. Participants chanted phrases and moved in the space as bee-swarm.


The phrases in YOUR CORAL FLOWER were randomly selected and arranged as a composition by Kumi Uyeda using quotations from the performance text
THE BE/S: A BIOSEMIOTICS by the Meredith Stricker, which appeared in webconjunctions.

3 WAGGLE DANCES: composed by Maayan Tsadka and performed by Kumi Uyeda, Daniel Brown and Maayan Tsadka

WHAT: “what are poets for …”: Martin Heidegger
sources: Lake Merritt: post-election action: hands around the lake: 11.14.16
with up to 10,000 people


> toward creating performance that is inclusive, multi-vocal, sensorial, transformative > altering the passive consumer role of audience members into co-creators where sound and movement are generated from audience as well as those “on stage” > the hope is to communalize poetry when the locus of voice shuttles between poet and audience, word and world as co-created process > to experience and extend poetry beyond the cerebral by engaging body, ethics, action, movement in full sensory biosphere

Meredith Stricker is an artist and poet working in cross-genre media. She is the author of Our Animal (Omnidawn); Tenderness Shore (National Poetry Series); Alphabet Theater, (performance poetry from Wesleyan) and Mistake (Caketrain Press). She co-directs visual poetry collaborative, a studio that focuses on architecture in Big Sur and projects to bring together artists, writers, musicians and experimental forms.

Mayaan Tsadka is a composer and musician currently living and working in Haifa, Israel.

Kumi Uyeda is a pianist and ethnomusicologist living in Oakland, CA and collaborates in various genres, including western art music, jazz fusion, poetry, and indigenous musics.