Two Visual Poems by Eireann Lorsung

A Process Note

I keep a thick written and drawn record. I am interested in seeing what happens when I remix and extract pages, images, passages, and objects from their first contexts. Working digitally, as with “I Am OK With Art”, is a way for me to make big images in the absence of a big workspace or materials. The unassuming material of the notebook page and pen or pencil makes it possible for me to take risks that more rarified materials might scare me away from. I am coming to think of these records/documents not as notes toward something but as visual and textual objects in their own right. 




√Čireann Lorsung lives not far from the Atlantic Ocean, in a small apartment in a small city, where she makes pictures, books, and clothes, and spends time thinking about literature and art in the company of others. Milkweed Editions published Music for Landing Planes ByHer bookand The Century; you can find out more at