Rabbit Light Movies: A Retrospective

Editor’s Note

Tupelo Quarterly’s Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary is frequently home to poetry films, video poems, and multimedia work.  As part of this issue’s offerings, we are delighted to feature this retrospective of work from the archives of Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s Rabbit Light Movies.  Here, Wilkinson has chosen representative work from this cross-genre project, as well as providing brief descriptions of the featured poets and the cities in which they were filmed.


Athens, GA seemed like a fine place to hunt for scenery for the late, great C.D. Wright, who lent me her voice for this one.

Some uncannily smogged out footage on the north side of Chicago forms the backdrop for this piece by Terrance Hayes.


Side roads of Athens, Georgia seemed apropos for Fred Moten’s voice, my own favorite among the alive poets. 


Here’s an early video of J’Lyn Chapman filmed at the Art Institute of Chicago.


Two of the very first little movies I made for Sawako Nakayasu’s incredible work….


And one of Andrea Rexilius at her home in Denver…