Installation 7 by Adrian Arias & Julie Carr

A Process Note


Reallifeaninstallation is a web project designed by Phuong T. Vuong and Julie Carr to accompany Carr’s book Real Life: An Installation, (Omnidawn Books, 2018). Thirty-six hypothetical installations have been actualized in digital space by artists of diverse backgrounds, stages in their careers, and artistic practices. Galleries, art spaces, museums, or educational institutions who wish to present this project can do so in a variety of ways, including projection, real-life installation, and live performance. For more information write us at







In this room there is nothing but a bed. There’s no space to walk around it; to enter, you must climb on. It is the most comfortable bed, and so you lie down, rest your head on a pillow, pull the blanket up. Beside you is a man, twitching, even writhing, in pain. His breath is labored and occasionally he groans.

If you speak to him, he will not answer. If you try to touch him, he will flinch and move away. Lying there, you are on the one hand deeply comforted, and on the other unbearably distraught.




Adrian Arias, award winning visual poet, using the body, colors and the words.

Julie Carr is the author of Real Life: An Installation, and nine other books of both poetry and prose. She lives in Denver where she helps to run Counterpath and teaches at CU Boulder.