from Filthy Lucre: “Blood Money,” “Red Ink,” “Bottom Lines,” “Sell Out,” & “Sewn Up” by kerry rawlinson

A Process Note

These pieces are part of an ongoing body of work entitled ‘Filthy Lucre – A Visual Exploration.’ Given the latest deaths/ scandals/ confusion with crypto currency, I was inspired to explore the forms currency has taken over the centuries. I use found images of international vintage scripts or banknotes from the British Museum, and apply different media & asemic (polysemic?) methods. The titles of the pieces reference commerce, and government-controlled currency’s dictates on our perception and philosophy of what “society” represents, and our definitions of worth.



“Sell Out”




“Sewn Up”





“Bottom Lines”





“Blood Money”





“Red Ink”




Decades ago, autodidact & bloody-minded optimist kerry rawlinson gravitated from sunny Zambian skies to solid Canadian soil. Fast-forward: she follows Literature & Art’s Muses around the Okanagan, barefoot, her patient husband ensuring she’s fed. She’s won contests, e.g. for Geist, CAGO Online Gallery; and features lately in: Sloflopojo; gravel, PedestalMagazine, ConnecticutRiverReview, Boned, ArcPoetry, amongst others.; @kerryrawli.