“All Souls” – by Mary Kathryn Jablonski & Laura Frare

A Process Note

In our recent work, we have gravitated toward making video/poems that feature one image with little editing, usually shot in one continuous take, throughout the length of the poem, rather than multiple, shifting images. Because we do not show the text of the poem in the film, and the viewer needs to listen with care, we are finding method this less distracting as the poem unwinds. The images (as well as the words & sounds) become more potent over time, the metaphors, more meaningful: the falling leaves, the moving beam of light, the children’s voices.



Collaborative video/poems by Mary Kathryn Jablonski & Laura Frare have appeared at Atticus Review, Poetry Film Live (UK), Quarterly West, and Tupelo Quarterly, among other literary sites and have been screened at the 9th & 10th Annual Peoples Pixel Project Film Festival and screened and shortlisted for the 2018 O’Bheal Prize in Cork, IRE. Their video/poems have been shown in numerous exhibitions and have won awards. Jablonski is author of “Sugar Maker Moon,” (Dos Madres Press, 2019). Visit https://mkjpoet.com and https://vimeo.com/laurafrare