A Collaborative Poem & Performance: “Kwarantanna | Quarantine” by Ryan Mihaly & Karolina Zapal

A Process Note

The first two lines came to us quickly, as we were drinking elderberry syrup to support our immune systems in the wake of the coronavirus.



Kwarantanna Quarantine - Mihaly and Zapal


Listen to the poem and performance here . . . 



Ryan Mihaly and Karolina Zapal’s collaborative work dwells in the crossroads between Polish, English, text, image, and music. Their collaborations have been published in The Adirondack Review, 3:AM Magazine, and Tupelo Quarterly. From 2018-2019, they attended three artist residencies: Greywood Arts in Killeagh, Ireland; Brashnar Creative Project in Skopje, Macedonia; and Bridge Guard in Štúrovo, Slovakia, and have since been translating Polish writers Halina Poświatowska and Olga Hund into English. They are both graduates of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in Boulder, CO and live in Greenville, SC.