Visual Art

Peter Scott

  . ON THE DIGITIZED INSTAGRAMMED CITY, a micro-interview with Peter Scott by Elaine Sexton I first met Peter Scott as curator and director of Carriage Trade, his innovative and in many ways ground-breaking non-profit gallery in Manhattan’s lower east side. His curatorial work is clearly an extension of his […]

Katarina Weslien

    KATARINA WESLIEN’s Material Making: How We Embody Place, a micro interview with Elaine Sexton   I first learned of Katarina Weslien’s work through the Boston-based choreographer, Daniel McCusker, who was one of 20 artists invited to participate in “Walking Kailash: an invitational project,” Weslien’s invitation asked the participants […]

Ro Lohin

  RO LOHIN: IN THE STILL AND PRESENT, A MICRO INTERVIEW Elaine Sexton: You’ve described your process of applying paint to canvas as more “splat” and “whack” than the less forceful “drip” one might assume. At one point in your work you shifted from the more conventional use of a […]