A Poem by Naón Aydo, translation by Laura Cesarco Eglin


I’ll be a prisoner because I decided to live without time, and when you come for me, don’t do anything other than stay on the couch because I won’t be anywhere other than in memory.
I’ll be a prisoner because I made up my mind, I opted, and when the moon becomes harmful and wants to pour her silver, warm blood over my ruins, it will find me behind it brushing its cheek with sand.
I’ll be a prisoner, I’ve already confessed, because I’ve opted for the ghosts, passers-by of an exquisite memory, so they prepare a ceremony for me, my ascent to the ceilings of the night.


Naón Aydo is a Uruguayan poet. He is the author of the poetry collection Vaivenes ((Trópico Sur, 2015). Aydo is currently studying at the Instituto de Profesores Artigas to become a high school Literature professor. He has presented papers at various academic conferences such as the VI Jornada sobre Shakespeare.

Laura Cesarco Eglin is the author of three poetry collections, Calling Water by Its Name / Llamar al agua por su nombre (Trans. Scott Spanbauer) (Mouthfeel Press), Sastrería (Yaugurú), and Los brazos del saguaro (Yaugurú). Cesarco Eglin’s translation of Hilda Hilst’s Da morte. Odes mínimas is forthcoming from co-im-press.