A Poem by Emiliano Martínez, translation by Laura Cesarco Eglin

Distance (from Latin distantĭa)./ 1. space or interval of time or space between two things or events.


what is essential in order to travel any world is blinking. this term can be used with a scientific purpose (I mean to say that forgetting is an impossible, so I forget in order to check this). then, I don’t have tools that can confirm what was said. meaning precipitates and the result is as much unforeseeable as it is constant: we remember again) or as a natural tool to split your name into parts and thus decipher it.


Emiliano Martínez is a Uruguayan poet, architect, and professor. He is the author of two books: Enfermos calamares en su tinta (Sick Squid in Its Ink) (Artefato, 2007, Montevideo) and Zara (Anantes, 2013, Sevilla). His work has been published in Spain, Uruguay, Netherlands, and the U.S.