TQ23 Table of Contents

Yo Ahn Han, May it be, 2021, 18”x24.” Acrylic gouache, Watercolor, Yupo on panel.

Editor’s Note by Kristina Marie Darling

Editorial Features

It All Coheres: An Interview with Dan Beachy-Quick & a Portfolio of New Translations — curated by Nancy Naomi Carlson

“America Never Lets You Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin,” a Conversation with Paisley Rekdal on Her Book, Appropriate—curated by Victoria Chang

“Body as an Instrument”: An Interview with Nathaniel Rosenthalis — curated by Wendy Chen

Flash Fiction, Collage & Snap Shots: A Conversation with Kim Chinquee about her new book, SNOWDOG – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

In service of some larger narrative”: A Conversation with Henry Hoke – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

Labor, Ideas of Home, & Storytelling: A Conversation with Hayden Bergman & A Folio of New Poetry – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“My activism is rooted in love”: A Conversation with Poet & Actress Nehassaiu deGannes About Her New Book, Music for Exile – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“Poetry is about play”: A Conversation with Terese Svoboda about Theatrix: Poetry Plays & a Short Film – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“Fire is a breath of sparks”— Interview with Nahua poet Martin Tonalmeyotl — curated by Ming Di

Rice cooker poetry and bamboophobia — An Interview with Burmese/Myanmar poet Ko Ko Thett – curated by Ming Di

“An eleven-fold self”: A Micro-Interview with Sasha Steensen – curated by Lisa Olstein

“I Had a Kinetic Feeling”: A Micro-Interview with Diane Seuss – curated by Lisa Olstein

A New Relationship of Presence: An Interview with Nick Maione – conducted by Zach Savich

Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose

Mary-Kim Arnold“Soon”
Curated & Introduced by Wendy Chen

Shou Jie Eng“Four Divers”
Curated & introduced by Seth Brady Tucker

Melissa GinsburgA Folio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Emma Bolden

Eileen G’Sell“Nooners”
Curated & introduced by Dora Malech

Amanda GunnA Folio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Dora Malech

Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

Lee SharkeyA Folio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

Editors’ Selections in Visual Art

Each artist chosen & introduced by Elaine Sexton.

Yo Ahn Han

Haley Nannig

Diane Samuels

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Alexandra Huddleston & Robert Huddlestonfrom Tetralogy

Christine Hume & Laura Larson“All the Women I Know”

JT Faccone, Thomas Gardner, & Alex Hild — Three Poetry Films: “Sundays, October 2,” “Sundays, December 4,” & “Sundays, October 16”

Mary Kathryn Jablonski & Laura Frare – Two Short Films: “All Souls” & “Two Roads / One Road”

Eireann LorsungTwo Visual Poems

The TQ23 Poetry Open Prize


Judge’s Citation by Major Jackson

Naima Yael Tokunow“Given Name:  Listerine Woods” 


Rachel Abramowitz“I Don’t Know Any Gods”

Loisa Fenichell“Scene XXXV” 

Steve McDonald“Wildfire”


Rachel Abramowitz“So He Thought” 

Eric Burger“The Boy Who Has Seen It All” 

Alex Chertok“It’s time to write poems now about my father” and “Alzheimer’s pantoum”

Peter Krumbach“Life Insurance (Free Consultation)” & “Explaining Marriage to an Alien” 

Steve McDonald“The Garden” 

Jed Myers“Lamb of God X:  After a Next Beheading” 

Christopher Salerno“Portrait Mode”

Naima Yael Tokunow “Given Name:  Effigee Sampson”


Erin Carlyle“A Brief History” 

Lyn Li Che“One of the Good Ones” & “Prey (your hands moved through me”

Ruth Danon“How We Live Now” 

Lara Egger“Curriculum Vitae” 

Laura Joyce-Hubbard“Necklace” 

Sarah Maclay“After Vuillard” 

Jessica O. Marsh“Persistance” 

Kat Neis“Aubade Between Two Countries” & “Nocturne” 

Katharine Whitcomb“Mercy” 

The TQ23 Prose Open Prize


Judge’s Citation by Jennifer Percy

Arianna Reiche“The Nebbish” 


Michelle Blake — “The River (III) & (IV)

Mary Pacifico Curtis“Ephphatha” 

Libby Falk Jones “Hunger in Sixteen Courses”

Laura Joyce-Hubbard“Chambers of Pressure” 

Erin Stalcup“Keen”


Horacio Cavallo “The Taste of Snow” — translated by Travis Price

Emilian Galaicu-Păun — “[the thermometer in my armpit; as if a transfusion]” & “[good god! I’m no longer]” — translated by Adam J. Sorkin, Lidia Vianu, & Rareșa Galaicu

Darby Jo“The Debt Collector” — translated by Deborah Kim 

Sunwoo Kim“Mount Bindung” — translated by Won-Chung Kim & Christopher Merrill 

Ulalume González de León“Oracle” & “In Search of Lost Time” — translated by John Johnson 

Mariano Zarofrom Padre Tierra — translated by Blas Falconer