TQ18 Table of Contents

Ellen Mueller. “Survival Skills: Feasting,” 2018, mixed media collage, 5”x7.”


Editorial Features

“Girl Breaking Glass: Reflections on Embodied Identity” – by Andrea Applebee

“‘In a chapbook, every poem has great weight and responsibility’: A Conversation with Chaun Ballard & A Folio of New Poetry” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘The poem becomes the vessel for mystical experience’: A Conversation with Janaka Stucky” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘Confront them first, then sing them a lullaby’: A Conversation with Translator Jake Levine & A Folio of New Work” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘Sound follows the sense and sense follows the sound’—An Interview with Mexican Poet Alí Calderón” – curated by Ming Di

“An Empty Chair Grows into a Forest—30 Years’ Poetry of Resistance in China” – by Ming Di

“Translation Feature: Mexico, Uruguay, Two Poets in Conversation Across Generations” – curated & introduced by Jesse Lee Kercheval

“Luck: A Conversation with Kelvin Christopher James & a New Story” – curated by Bronwyn Mills

“‘Staying in Range’: An Interview with Rodrigo Toscano and a Portfolio of New Work from In Range” – curated by Henk Rossouw

“‘Cryptography’: An Interview with Kylan Rice and a New Essay” – conducted by Zach Savich


Editors Selections in Poetry & Prose

Melissa Crowe“Say” & “Benediction with Foundlings”
Curated & introduced by dawn lonsinger

Timothy Donnelly“What Is Real”
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

Diamond Forde“fat girl Confuses Food & Therapy, Again” & “On the Way Home from a Business Trip, fat girl Pulls into a McDonald’s Drive-Thru in a Town She’ll Never See Again”
Curated & introduced by Claudia Cortese

Sarah Giragosian“Missing Person”
Curated & introduced by Virginia Konchan

Anna Maria Hong“Ouranus”
Curated & introduced by Simone Muench

Brynn Saito“First Lines” & “Last Lines”
Curated & introduced by Traci Brimhall

Ginny Threefoot “ambiguities of sound” & “ambiguities of childhood”
Curated & introduced by Elizabeth Robinson


Editors’ Selections in Visual Art

Each artist chosen & interviewed by Elaine Sexton

Miriam Ancis

Ellen Mueller

Kevin Wixted

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Kristy Bowenfrom [licorice, laudanum]

Adrian Arias & Julie Carr“Installation 7”

Julie Carr & Serena Chopra“Installation 1”

Julie Carr& Yanara Friedland“Installation 8”

John GallaherBrand New Spacesuit: A Folio of Collages

kerry rawlinson – from Filthy Lucre: “Blood Money,” “Red Ink,” “Bottom Lines,” “Sell Out,” & “Sewn Up”

Joshua Marie Wilkinson“Rabbit Light Movies: A Retrospective”

Joshua Young – Two Poetry Films: “Wyoming” & “Hence”

Joshua Young & Dark Sparkler – An Experimental Film: “Can You Hear the Cicadas Over the Sirens”



Rachel Abramowitz“Gut Lust”

Hala Alyan“Ode to the Damsel” and “They Both Die on Mondays in April”

Amanda Auerbach“Dream Log 1”

Tara Ballard“Genealogy, Ending in a Suicide”

C.S. Carrier“The Green House”

Annie Diamond“Toaster”

Fay Dillof“Stranger”

John Gallaher“Blast Off!”

Matthew Gellman“Special Report, After Rain”

Christine Hemp“Cloud”

Darren Higgins“Altruism”

Chloe Honum“Luna Moth at Night,” “New England Lyric,” “What I’m Working On Now,” & “Self-portrait with Praying Mantis and Endurance”

Elizabeth Hoover“News”

Danusha Lameris“Ashbuds” & “Ladybugs”

Patrick Meeds“Each One Is a Tiny Sun”

Michael Montlack“The Court Jester” & “Is Richard Simmons missing? Or is he just dearly missed?”

Rebecca Morton“I write to you from a”

Genevieve Paiement“Heavenly Mother”

Megan Pinto“After Odysseus”

Elizabeth A.I. Powell“When the Insemination Man Comes to the Farm”

Bret Shepard“The Basement”

Simon Shieh“Like Being in Love”

Emily Stoddard“Divination with a Human Heart Attached”

Yerra Sugarman – “Aunt Bird, Conjured”

Cole Swensen“Elements of the Garden”

Sasha West“A Forgery of History”

Jordan Windholz“The Sisters as Lies” & “The Sisters as Sisters”

Nicholas Yingling“I Take Shelter under the Stables”



Laurie Blauner “A Brief Catastrophe”

Kate Bolton Bonnici – “On Emily Dickinson’s Gorgeous Nothings:  Responses in Miniature”

Jana Harris – from Blowing Smoke:  A Compendium of Everyday Excuses:  “The Diet,” “Las Vegas,” “The Spare Room Closet,” & “L’Affaire”

Christina Milletti – an excerpt from Choke Box: a Fem-Noir: “Composition Axe”

Elizabeth A.I. Powell“Some Girls Write a Fearless and Moral Inventory”

Viviane Vives“La Virgen de la Candela”



Erika Almenara“Annunciation” – translated by Emily Aguayo

Guido Cupani – Meno Universo: “1,2,3,” “01:00,” & “22:40” – translated by Patrick Williamson

Ignacio Fernández de Palleja“I run naked” and “I’ve been a time-/ wasting machine.” – translated by Laura Cesarco Eglin

Kristín Eiríksdóttir“Evelyn Hates Her Name” – translated by Larissa Kyzer

Juan GelmanToday/Hoy – translated by Lisa Rose Bradford

Alexey Porvin“A Few Banal Modes of Liberation and a Stroll Along the Broad Gauge Tracks” – translated by Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler

Marko Tomaš“Yello Marko” – translated by Rachael Daum