An Introduction to Mitchell Glazier by Tiffany Troy

In Mitchell Glazier’s portfolio of poems, the stippled hog-faced speaker is at once hacker and pelt, “gone cold, concise,” yet “frothing.” This tension in the human-animal, the live-dead, the obelisk-fool makes for “cruel art.” But it’s not so much blue as ruby red. Glazier’s speaker addresses the reader intimately and calls for a kind of redemption for the unholy in God’s dogface lit by the corduroy night. The resulting wind is startling in diction, and heart-wrenching in its yearning for love.

Mitchell Glazier (b. 1995) is a gay poet from West Virginia. He holds an MFA in poetry from Columbia University, where he was a teaching fellow. His poetry has been recommended on The Poetry Foundation’s Reading List (Dec. 2019) and can be found in Washington SquareThe Cortland ReviewOn the Seawall, and elsewhere. He lives in New York City.