A Celebration of New Books: A Multimedia Roundtable — curated by Mary-Kim Arnold

In what I hope might become a recurring feature, for this roundtable, I have gathered five writers with new books out. The impulse behind this was perhaps a selfish one, in that I love the work of each of these writers, and this roundtable provided an opportunity to hear from them directly about their new books, and what brought them joy in the writing of it. 

I invited each artist — Ama Codjoe, Kate Colby, Valerie Hsiung, Michael Joyce, and Nathan McClain — to respond however they wished to some general questions about their most recent books, how they started, what lines or images stay with them, their influences while writing. It was a true pleasure to read them and I am thrilled to share these conversations here.

— Mary-Kim Arnold

Ama Codjoe

Kate Colby

Valerie Hsiung

Michael Joyce

Nathan McClain