TQ7 Visual Artists


Mark Wagner

“The first attraction currency had for me as a material was its commonness— everyone was familiar with it in a way, but in another way everyone was so used to it they weren’t seeing it. I wanted to do some Tom Friedman-esque bending collage work and grabbed a bill because it was close at hand. I was working with money for a while before I started to realize just how charged a topic it was. As I became more skilled at manipulating the material various matters of economics crept into the work and took over: differing concepts of value, forms of opulence, depicting divisions of power, etc.”

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Hayv Kahraman

“My experiences have been nomadic. I think being an immigrant or refugee the yearning to “belong” somewhere is important especially for those who left because of war. They are in constant search to solidify their identity in any means possible as that is the only thing that they can have as their own.”

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Jeremy Wood

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to experience the sensation of being lost and it’s one that I cherish. It reminds us to question information presented as authoritative. For instance, GPS does not tell us where we are; it tells us where the GPS receiver thinks it is. Where were are, where we think we are, and where we are told we are all very different problems that are lovely to work with.”

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