Pia Ghosh Roy

Pia Ghosh Roy grew up in India, and now lives in Cambridge, England. She has worked in advertising as a writer, in cities like Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore and London. She currently splits her time being mother to her young daughter, teaching English, writing her blog ‘Peppercorns in my Pocket’, and working as an artist and crafter. Pia forayed into fiction very recently. Her debut story has appeared in Litro Magazine, and another has been commended in the Words And Women Competition, 2014.

Bilet by Pia Ghosh Roy

  On top of the old almirah sat a brown-skinned, thick-skinned suitcase like a durwan guarding an old door. Its leather was creased, but well-oiled. Its handle attached to its body with brass clasps. The clasps were wrapped in thin strips of yellowed tissue paper. A dull brass zipper ran […]