TQ7: Table of Contents


“Toilette” by Hayv Kahraman


Editor’s Foreword
by Christopher Kondrich


TQ7 Poetry Prize

Judged by Brenda Hillman



Chorus of Omissions by Willa Carroll



Acknowledgments by Jan-Henry Gray

American Boomer by Curtis Derrick


Portfolio: Pilgrimage Voyage & Return





Leslie Kaplan (translated by Julie Carr and Jennifer Pap)
Selections from Excess – The Factory
Fourth Circle
Fifth Circle

Gennady Katsov (translated by Alex Cigale)
To One Born in Crimea
For the 25th Anniversary of My Arrival in America

Circe Maia (translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval)

Charles Baudelaire (translated by Lola Haskins)
The Journey (I, III, IV, V, VI, VII)
The Soup and the Clouds


Visual Artists

Each artist introduced & interviewed by Elaine Sexton
Hayv Kahraman

Mark Wagner

Jeremy Wood


Editorial Features

Pilgrim’s Reprise: On the Gift of Self-Possession by Andrea Applebee

To Experience Myself as Foreign: An Interview with Eva Heisler by Kristina Marie Darling

Silhouette with Her Arm Raised: A Conversation Between Ariel Francisco & Christopher Kondrich

Departures (& Coming Home) by Bronwyn Mills