TQ5: Table of Contents


Editor’s Foreword

by Christopher Kondrich


Editors’ Features

Andrea Applebee – The Marrow and the Harvest: Reflections on Allen Grossman’s Bitter Logic

Christopher KondrichThe Poem Becomes a Spinning Map: An Interview with Amaud Jamaul Johnson

Christopher Kondrich – Against Our Vanishing: On the Loss of Allen Grossman

Stacey WaiteThe Words Come Later: An Interview with Cynthia Hogue & Sylvain Gallais


TQ5 Poetry Contest

Notes from our judge, Amaud Jamaul Johnson



St. Inside & Not by Aaron Coleman


Runners Up

Through by Aaron Coleman

The Doppler Effect by Erin Rodoni

The Next Life by Mark Wagenaar






The 10,000 Animals

The 10,000 Animals
Mollie Hosmer-Dillard
Oil on canvas
35 x 45 inches



Elizabeth Breazeale
The Supernova of Irvin Edwards

Kat Dixon
The House in Motion

Anna Cypra Oliver
Winter Woolens

Pia Ghosh Roy

Joanna Ruocco
Religious Conflict


Visual Artists

Felicia van Bork

Mollie Hosmer-Dillard

Lori Nix