TQ2 Prose Open Contest

Many thanks to our TQ2 Prose Open contest judge Matt Bell!



Laps by JoAnna Novak




The Unreliable Patient by Andrea Witzke Slot

The Longevity of Bone by Laurel Blossom

Nature: An Essay by Christine Marshall


Editor’s Honorable Mention

Prose & Cons: Considerations of a Woman with Two Genres by Julie Marie Wade



My Uncle’s Last Day in Hospice by Jodi Barnes


-A Slow Kind Of Unraveling by Amy Butcher*


The Boiling Glass by Okla Elliott

Intertidal Zone by Maria Finn


Come Morning by Temim Fruchter


Sorrow by Kim Henderson


My Father, The Swimmer by Bernard Horn


-Learning to Breathe by Jon Kerstetter*


Ring-A-Round The Rosie by Paul Lenehan


Diamond Vehicle by Caroline Picard


Seeing the Snow by Anne Raeff


The Spider Web by Mary Shartle


Twins by Gabriel Welsch


Sweet Nothing: A Manifesto by Chelsea Werner-Jatzke


Appearance of the Deer Woman: Diptychs by Laurie Saurborn Young

*Authors prefer to keep these stories unpublished for the time being