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"July 14, a bit of shade becomes a blessing" by Alexandra Huddleston.

“July 14, a bit of shade becomes a blessing” by Alexandra Huddleston.

Editor’s Note by Kristina Marie Darling


Editorial Features

“‘Daughters live in places the men cannot access’: A Conversation with Lindsey Drager” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘The beginning of a darkness that descends’: A Conversation with Matthew Rohrer” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘We can each dream to be a different poet from who we are’: A Conversation with Galician Poet Yolanda Castaño” – curated by Ming Di

“‘The language of our dreams’: A Conversation with Indonesian Poet Saut Situmorang” – curated by Ming Di

“‘Showcasing the region’s diversity’: On New Poetry from the Midwest – by Okla Elliott & Hannah Stephenson

“‘An Inheritance of Riches’: A Portfolio of Contemporary Uruguayan Women Poets” – curated and introduced by Jesse Lee Kercheval

“Micro(inter)view with Suzanne Buffam: How Not To Kill The Baby” – curated by Lisa Olstein


Editors’ Selections

Mary Jo Bangfrom A Doll for Throwing
        Introduced by Shane McCrae

Natalie Catasús“Right-Here Man”
        Introduced by Cassandra Cleghorn

Tyler Millsfrom Exposure
        Introduced by Virginia Konchan

Jennifer Moore“Domestic Noir II”
        Introduced by Virginia Konchan

Kathleen Peirce“At Intervals” and “School”
        Introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

Henk Rossouwfrom Xamissa
        Introduced by Kristina Marie Darling


Guy Choate“The Yellow House”

C.W. Emerson“The Space Between Bodies”

Ed Bok Lee“Pretty Good”

Susan Sample“Coming to Terms”

Suzanne Scanlonfrom View from the 17th Floor

Melissa Wiley“Fig Season”



Miguel Ángel Bustos“Goodbye to You” – Translated by Lucina Schell

Agustín Cadena“The Apaches of Kiev” – Translated by C.M. Mayo

João Luís Barreto Guimarães“The Efficacy of the Light” and “Confession of Hippocrates to Kos” – Translated by Calvin Olsen

Alejandro Saravia“Montreal, Zero Hour” – Translated by María José Giménez

Li Qingzhao“The Approach of Happiness,” “Rows of Small Mountains,” and “Proud Fisherman” – Translated by Wendy Chen

“Call and Response” Poetry Contest


Judge’s Citation by Darcie Dennigan



Andrea Read“Fox Wants Death, Rabbit Wants Flames of Thread”


Erin Bertram“There is a Wilderness, There Will Always Be”

Justin Bigos“Late Twentieth Century in the Form of Litany”

Michelle Bitting “Glimmers and Limbo (Fugue State #1)”

Kathy Evans“I Am Letting You In”

Eva Heisler“Museum Sickness”

Christine Hemp“Beyond All That”

Janet Kaplan“Night”


Rachel Abramowitz“Love Letter”

Kelli Russell Agodon & Martha Silano“Jointly Responsible”

John Blair“The Morning After the War”

Noah Falck & Matt McBridefrom Vocal Air

Elizabeth Forsythe“archaic fragment” and “the brain blown wide”

Rachel Galvin“Piano, Piano”

Judy Kaber“Deciduous”

Laurie Macfee“In Beckett’s Waiting Room”

Kyle McCord“Father’s Brain Scan Seen as Model Bomber Cutaway”

Carrie Nassif“Pictures I Took From Space”

Jennifer Stella“The Tuskegee Experiment”

Valerie Wallace“Bespoke”

Sarah Ann Winn“Lunar Chart, Lost Year”

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Alexandra Huddleston & Robert Huddlestonfrom Pied Beauty

Anita Olivia Koester“Confessions of a Childless Woman (fig. 1&2)”

Sandy Longhornfrom 20 x 20: A Self-Exphrasis

Meredith Stricker, Mayaan Tsadka, & Kumi Uyeda“Your Coral Flower”

“Tales We Tell”Dean Young, Farid Matuk, Susan Briante, & other contemporary poets in collaboration with Yuliya Lanina


Visual Art: 3 Portfolios

Interviews with writer/artists Terry Castle, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, and Aaron Smith – curated by visual arts editor Elaine Sexton.

Terry Castle

Rachel Eliza Griffiths

Aaron Smith