TQ10 Table of Contents


Ben McLaughlin, “00:40 A Night With Beyonce,” from “Anyone Awake?” (2012)

Editor’s Note  by Kristina Marie Darling




Scott Chalupa – “Gnossienne #1

Kate Colby – “Air Lock

Maia Dolphin-Krute – “Natural History

Jennifer Givhan – “Failure    The Mother of _____” and “Daughter Page Ripped from the Symbol Sourcebook


Peter LaBerge – “Effigy

Florence Lenaers – “The pebbles in my pocket

Julia B. Levine – “Ordinary Psalm with Violent Interruptions” and “Ordinary Psalm with Expulsion

Sandy Longhorn – “I, Rampant on a Field of Azure

Matthew Minicucci“Gravity” and “Midnight Special”

Bill Neumire – “Abstract Therapy in the Natural World

John Okrent – “To a Tiny Mary Carved in Basswood

Martin Ott – “Drift” and “Double Talk

Eric Pankey – “The Side Effects of Mimicry” and “Between Solon and Cedar Rapids on Highway One 1984

Douglas Piccinnini – “Afterlife

Michael Robins – “Crumbs Fit Such Little Mouths

Alison Rollins – “Skinning Ghosts Alive

Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer – “Outside the gates of the Jewish cemetery,

John Sibley Williams – “Bestiary

Felicia Zamora – “Being made


María Isabel Alvarez – “In Memory of Us

Jeff Becker – “Faux Leather Futon, Priced to Sell

RT Both – “Islanders

TR Brady“A Pulse is a Pulse Until

Karla Kelsey – from The Budapest Notebooks

JM Miller – “Wolf Tone

Kathryn Nuernberger – Brief Interviews With the Romantic Past: Trinkets, Why the Dauphin Won’t Consummate the Marriage, and Pantoum for Tilly Matthews

Amy Jo Trier-Walker – “Dear Pocket,




Of Death. Minimal Odes “VI” and “IX” by Hilda Hilst, Translated by Laura Cesarco Eglin

Water and Carbon,” Luljeta Lleshanaku, translated by Ani Gjika

Nine Suppositions” and “Three Aces,” Felipe Benitez Reyes, translated by Anna Rosenwong

the incredible world of machines” and “galaxy café unlimited,” José Eugenio Sanchez, translated by Anna Rosenwong

the grotto,” “to the north,” and “the invisible man,” Zhu Zhu, translated by Dong Li


Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Maureen Alsop – “Witness

Elizabeth J. Colen – “The Nature of Daylight

Lorene Delany-Ullman & Jody Servon – “Saved: Objects of the Dead

Keetje Kuipers – “Hollow Haunts

Sebastian MatthewsFrom The Life & Times of American Crow

Sam Taylor – “The Word in the (Moving) World


Visual Artists: 3 Art Portfolios

Each artist introduced & interviewed by Elaine Sexton

Patricia Cronin 

Ben McLaughlin 

Amy Sherald