TQ1: Table of Contents

Issue 1 cover

Editor’s Foreword

by Jessamyn Smyth


Launch Notes

by Jessamyn Smyth


Editors’ Features

Dan Beachy-QuickIntroduction to Taryn Schwilling’s Poetry

CM BurroughsShoshin

Cassandra CleghornPairings: Poets and Painters in Mutual Usefulness

Eric DartonBook of the World Courant

Elizabeth EslamiSpikes & Rivers: The Work of Joe Wilkins

TJ JarrettAn Interview with Gary McDowell

Jessamyn SmythThinking in Light: the Art of Julius Lester

Jessamyn SmythWise & Fierce Beauty: Maggie Smith’s The Well Speaks of its Own Poison

Stacey WaiteThanks Be to Poetry: Values, Expressions, Gratitudes


Inaugural Poetry Contest

Meet our Inaugural Poetry Contest judge, Ilya Kaminsky


Paraclete – The One Who Answers the Cry by Kristina Erny

Runners Up

in the barely unbearable by Mark Conway

You Are a Flash in This Young Night by Jaime Brunton

Phonograph Mouth by Rebecca Keith

Honorable Mentions

[How I Set Her Down] by Arra Ross

Conversation With an Invisible Man by Jandy Nelson


Skittles for Trayvon: A Diminishing Suite In Verse by Lillian Bertram

Brontide by Kallie Falandays

When Wolf by Lisa Furmanski

Der Bär by Katherine Hollander

On the Brink by George Kalamaras

Trusting the Senses by Benjamin Landry

Life Without Furniture by Sharon McDermott

The Postcard She Wanted to Get by Wendy Miles

Stars That Never Touch the Sea by Paul Nemser

Book of Hendrix by Cheryl Passanisi

American Enfield by Wesley Rothman

Piecemeal by Billie Tadros

Abel, Almost Asleep in the Field by Mark Wagenaar

Plums by Mariano Zaro



Doug Anderson


Amanda Auchter

The Moment

Oliver Bendorf

Love and the Bodega

Make Believe

No Billboards in Vermont

James Bystander

Driving to Hawaii

Tina Cane


Robin Davidson

The Palace at 4:00A.M.

Kendra DeColo

Playlist for a Striptease

Rodney Dangerfield’s Ex Writes Him a Letter


Chard DeNiord

In the Beginning

Patricia Fargnoli

Old Man Wearing Vegetation


Carrie Fountain

Discussing “The Fish” Three Times in Four Hours

Poem at the End of the School Year

Two Weeks Later, the Dog Returns

Rebecca Kaiser Gibson

Uncle Phil’s Flight After Death

Michael Homolka

Evergreen v

Evergreen vi

Brent House

from Augur of Magus

David Kaufman

It’s Not Like I’m Saying I Understand Everything

Douglas Korb


How to be a Man

Self Puddles

Megan Leonard

The Man Singing Into His Cell Phone

Now My Love Glows

People Told Me

Things I Know About Labyrinths

What Do We Think Of

Margaret Lloyd

Rags of Love

Henry Lyman

Side Canyons

Joy Manesiotis

[I lean toward that shape, wishing to stroke]

Study: Dark Madonna:

Sarah Maclay

[Here is Your Mirror…]

Gary McDowell

Come Morning

The Museum

My Mother the Philosopher Considers Non Sequiturs by Gary McDowell

She Shrugs


Margo Mensing

Dead at My Age Dorothea Lange 70 Photographer

Maria Nazos

Ars Poetica

Nate Pritts

After Picking Apples


Catherine Pond


Carol Quinn

Dear Bishop

Donika Ross

A Man Goes West and Falls Off His Horse in the Desert

Self-Portrait as a Door

Jo Sarzotti


Lee Sharkey



Karen Skolfield

Double Arm Transplant

Look for Raven Pairs Flying in a Pre-Mating Rutual

Northwest Cemetery, Ashfield

Andrea Witzke Slot


Sarah Sousa


Christina Stoddard

At Little George’s House, the Christmas Lights Stayed Up All Year

Bodies of Two Girls Found in the Woods


I Am Thinking of Salmon

Marcela Sulak

The Empire Stretches Its Dough

Louise, Texas

Sharon Wang


Practice in the Shadow Room

M. Clara White

Sailor’s Knots: The Granny

Joe Wilkins


Eat Stone and Go On

Susan Settlemyre Williams

The First Season

Corrie Williamson

A Final Study of the Anthropologist: Self Portrait

Jason Zuzga

Erotic Partial Burial



The Poetics of Translation: An Introduction by Nancy Naomi Carlson

Duo Duo (translated by Ming Di and Katie Farris)



Guy Jean (translated by Ilya Kaminsky and Katie Farris)

If I were Born In Prague

Sarah Kirsch (translated by Abigail Wender and Hella Von Bonin)

The Catfish, the Fish That Lives on the Bottom


Legend About Lilja

The Little Prince



BJ Atwood-Fukuda

Severe Clear

The Silkie of Spuyten Duyvil

James Bystander

Driving to Hawaii

Thomas Carney

Lost in a Crowd

Joan Frank

Two Musketeers

Teddy Jefferson

The F in Parsi

Stephen Kuusisto

Praxis: Deliberate Beauty

Gariot Louima

The Taken

Barbara Mossberg

I’m Shaking It I’m Making It But the Woman in the Mirror Doesn’t Move At All


Wave Particle Theory

Peg Alford Pursell

An Uncle

Gioia Timpanelli

excerpt from Miss Amadeo’s Notebook


Visual Art

Gabriel Jesiolowski

Branches Exist, Wind Lifting Them Exists

We Shake the Boughs for Water, Francesca Woodman

Julius Lester

Ancestral Memories – 4