Daily Archives: October 14, 2017

Reverb by L. Vella

    In lieu of   bridle, let nestle be   tattled up. Let snout keep. Leave   name, leave dust.   What passes for summer, the somnifuge.   Underneath the lake, something sonic mucks low, almost   lost. As for the moon,   it gnaws.       L. […]

Liss Platt

  LISS PLATT ON THE “POTENTIAL PRESENCE” IN HER WORK   Liss Platt spent a decade of “sustained looking” taking literally thousands of photographs a single raft–and the climate that contains it–in the water off the coast of the north shore of Nova Scotia. An artist whose work taps into […]

AMANUENSIS by Nick Flynn & Rachel Eliza Griffiths

    __________________________________________________________________     AMANUENSIS by Nick Flynn                 If you write about painting yourself into a corner then one day you might find your- self, in fact, painted into a corner. Or you might find yourself on the edge of a […]