Daily Archives: February 14, 2017

An Inheritance of Riches: Five Contemporary Uruguayan Women Poets, Curated and Introduced by Jesse Lee Kercheval

    Introduction   Uruguay, with a population of only 3.3 million, is the smallest Spanish speaking country in South America, but it is a country with an strong tradition of poetry by women. This selection of poems by five women poets, Melisa Machado, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Virginia Lucas, Karen […]

Confession to Hippocrates of Kos by João Luís Barreto Guimarães, translated by Calvin Olsen

    I’m reminded of that time I treated a carpenter. On the operating table nothing too extraordinary— anyone who saw us working (my colleague and myself) would say the technical dance unfolded in perfection (the fingers on the sick hand so many times mistreated: there were more of them […]

“The beginning of a darkness that descends”: A Conversation with Matthew Rohrer, curated by Kristina Marie Darling

Matthew Rohrer is the author of several books of poems, including Surrounded By Friends and the forthcoming novel-in-verse The Others, both published by Wave Books. In November 2016, I had a chance to ask Matthew a few questions about experiments with received forms, improvisation, and collaborative texts.   Kristina Marie […]

Scott Spanbauer on Translating Laura Cesarco Eglin

    Scott Spanbauer worked for many years as a technology writer and editor, and taught Spanish at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His translation of Uruguayan poet Laura Cesarco Eglin’s collection Calling Water by Its Name was published by Mouthfeel Press in 2016. His translations of Cesarco Eglin’s poems […]

YOUR CORAL FLOWER by Meredith Stricker, Mayaan Tsadka, & Kumi Uyeda

    About Your Coral Flower               “we are bees of the invisible” – Rilke       Process Note The poems in YOUR CORAL FLOWER are gathered as post-2016 election response. They continue the performance “we are bees of the invisible” on colony […]

“Tales We Tell”: Dean Young, Farid Matuk, Susan Briante, & other contemporary poets in collaboration with Yuliya Lanina

    A collection of mechanical sculptures by artist Yuliya Lanina and poems inspired by them…   A Process Note by Yuliya Lanina Tales We Tell is a series of small-scale mechanical sculptures based on folk tales popular in Western and Eastern Europe. Collectively, they examine the underlying moral messages […]

An Introduction to Henk Rossouw by Kristina Marie Darling

    Henk Rossouw’s Xamissa is unlike any other literary work I’ve encountered before. Moving gracefully between prose poems, lyric fragments, typography, and gorgeously rendered handwritten passages, Rossouw offers a text that is gratifying in its rich textures, its intricate layering, and its vibrant soundscapes. Beautifully fractured and purposefully elusive, […]