Daily Archives: February 14, 2016

The Plan Was by Anna Claire Hodge

    Dump me in August, so I’d know             it wasn’t my fault. Sell the banjo, the canoe, each worn book swiped             from the second-hand store. Let his lease run out in November. Then that recipe:             swig from a bottle, tip pills speckled like ladybugs into a cupped hand. Garden […]

War Music by Andrew Deloss Eaton

  Makassar prison camp, Indonesia (1944) Though the purity Of moonlight has silenced Both nightingale and Cricket —Anonymous     i. Ensemble Then music was whatever moved between two fences––even boots, guards speaking in the rain to one another, wind in chain-link. Or in the black that wrapped our barracks […]

Five Silhouettes by Pura López Colomé, Translated by Dan Bellm

                                       –with music by Samuel Zyman I. Vintage Only you, your I, your you, be what it may, be who you are, going lost deep into childhood’s vineyard: may hail not strike it, may the cawing of omen not burn it, may no intruding hand come near or prowler […]