Daily Archives: January 14, 2014

FLOTSAM by June Rockefeller

  The aerial view looks like a bathtub filled with colored pencils. But the pencils are splintered. The tub, an ocean.   Imagine a blue iris magnified, imagine a marble sliced in half—   The newspapers measure things comparatively. Everything floating is bigger than Texas and it’s moving   faster […]

Your form by Chad Parmenter

Read “The Musing Gaze: a conversation with Chad Parmenter” here.     Your form—framed by my small hands, that you called “dangerous to know”—looked so like a fever dream of a tree to me. The truth of the universe is ruin—it insists—but out of the ruin the new—your core. I […]

The Incurable Habit: Jessamyn Smyth on Okla Elliott’s “The Boiling Glass”

    These are people of “(ironically) tiger-striped couch,” of “knowing how people got to be the people they are & how much it cost them,” of coke snorted in bathrooms on immigrant parents’ dimes.     Into this milieu we recognize even if we wish we didn’t, in unpredictable […]