A Café by the Sea by Yosuke Tanaka, Translated by Mitsuhiko Kubo


In July
Jaggedness around me gets worse
Somewhat being cynical
Somewhat being negative
How I cannot resist
Days like this

From the subway station
Got on a metropolitan bus
And then got on another metropolitan bus
And got off
The metropolitan bus
Until the day

Although jugged
And don’t greet each other

To visit a café
by the sea


Yosuke Tanaka (b. 1969), the author of two poetry collections, A Day When the Mountains Are Visible (Shichōsha, 1999, in Japanese) and Sweet Ultramarine Dreams (Michitani, 2008, in Japanese), works by day at The University of Tokyo as a molecular cell biologist. In 1989, early in his poetry career, he was chosen as “annual poet of Eureka,” and that same year he launched a poetry magazine Kisaki. He also contributes as an Honorary Editor of the upcoming Japanese poetry issue of Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche (2016, in press).


Mitsuhiko Kubo currently serves as a pastor at Immanuel General Mission Wakayama Christ Church in Wakayama, Japan. He is a graduate of Wesley Biblical Seminary (Master of Divinity) in Jackson, Mississippi. He translated some works of Miduki Misumi, Yosuke Tanaka, and others.