TQ8 Visual Artists



Lauren Haldeman

“There were always experiments, most of them failures. At one point, I was trying to create a “musical” version of the Chess Piece Face poem. I had a play that I was writing around it, and I had created all of these songs to intersperse throughout the play. I recorded them alone, using a four-track, in an apartment I was renting at the time. It was this intense process that I undertook all for the purpose of – embarrassingly enough — impressing someone I had a crush on. But you know, writing a “musical” turned out not to be the most effective form of wooing, in that case. That whole project is still there, semi-abandoned, in the stacks.”

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Adam Hurwitz

“The benefit of working over longer periods of time on each video is that it gives them a chance to evolve, as ideas change or new ones present themselves. The nature of the medium is, in some ways, more like traditional photography or print making in that you invest a lot of time and thought in the process before you get to the alchemical moment of creating an image. And because the files are digital, it means I inevitably keep tinkering with them.”

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Janet Pierce

“All mystics speak the same language. I find I am at home with all spiritual seekers, in all parts of the world. For example, I had a very intense spiritual experience with a group of Muslim women in a Shia mosque in Syria, even although I follow the teachings of an Indian guru, Sri Vasudeva. I also had an equally intense spiritual experience with Scottish psalm singers in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Similarly listening to Sufi singing in praise of the Supreme Soul in a mosque in Delhi or the Russian orthodox church service in London. These experiences all find a way into the work.”

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