TQ5 Visual Artists


2014. Oil on canvas, 24 x 30 inches


Mollie Hosmer-Dillard

Before visual art did, literature showed me how we form meaning, and revealed art’s ability to make us more deeply aware of the intricacies of our own experience. I remember when most poems seemed opaque to me, like locked boxes, and I would struggle to grasp phrases like the lines quoted above, written by Emily Dickinson. When I finally understood a poem, I was surprised at how readily it could be absorbed, internalized, like a beautiful new wallpaper in the room of my mind, one that I could then use as a reference for events taking place in my own life.  Read More »

Enjoy by Lori Nix



Lori Nix

I moved from the Midwest to New York in 1999. Surrounded by great architecture, skyscrapers, and bridges, the urban landscape couldn’t help but find its way into my work. A huge fan of dystopian entertainment, think Planet of the Apes, Logan’s Run, Blade Runner, The Hunger Games, etc., “The City” series is a mash up of my new urban life and a look towards an apocalyptical future. I began this body of work in 2005 and it imagines what New York City would look like if suddenly mankind had disappeared.  Read More »

How to Braid Her Hair

How to Braid Her Hair


Felicia van Bork

One thing I especially appreciate about Americans is their confidence that they can figure out anything. I am happy to belong to a society of do-it-yourself-ers. We think we can easily learn to fix governments, relationships, health problems, language barriers, spiritual crises, stuck windows, clogged drains, and bad singing. Education is undergoing a sea change as we students of life lead a global trend that assumes that with the right online courses, Youtube videos, self-help books, Google searches, home improvement shows, and crowd-sourcing, we can do it all.  Read More »