TQ11 Visual Artists


Terry Castle

“Granted, doing collage the “old-fashioned” way is still lots of fun–snip smirk glue snip snip tee hee. It’s probably one of the best methods for wasting-time-on-purpose ever invented. .... Cut-and-paste collage is no doubt a time-suck, but it can also be monkey-balm to the mentally afflicted. Like me. So, thank you, Kurt Schwitters, Hannah Hoch, André Breton–and thank you, dear Jess. (We miss you in San Francisco.)” Read more >>


Rachel Eliza Griffiths

“...I try to speak around the camera the way I try to speak from the eye of the page. We’re always looking at each other. In any portrait of mine there’s always a double portrait…and yet my own ‘portrait’ is incidental in the process.”” Read more >>


Aaron Smith

“I like the crudeness of my form, the limitations of all that I don’t know how to do. I could teach myself more things, but I like not knowing how to do some things because it forces me to up my game with my ideas and think outside the box (while thinking inside the boxes).” Read more >>