Susan Sample

Susan Sample is the Writer-in-Residence at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah. She is also a faculty member of the medical school’s Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities where she teaches reflective writing. She has an MFA in creative writing from the University of Arizona and a PhD focusing on narrative and medicine from the University of Utah. Her poetry has been published in journals including Crab Creek Review, The Sow’s Ear, The Healing Muse, and Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine. A collection of her poems, Terrible Grace, was published by Finishing Line in 2011; it won first-place in the Utah Arts Council writing competition.

Coming to Terms by Susan Sample

    I’m heading home. I’m reading “situations of vertiginous vulnerability” penned by a woman with ovarian cancer. I’m highlighting in pencil: “...reading isn’t the opposite of doing; it’s the opposite of dying.” I’m seated in the emergency exit row. “…words will tell you things you never thought or felt […]