Joshua Marie Wilkinson

“The Story May as Well Begin Here”: Meadow Slasher by Virginia Konchan

    Equal parts nocturnal labyrinth and philosophical investigation, Meadow Slasher, Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s fourth work in his No Volta pentalogy—preceded by Selenography (2010), Swamp Isthmus (2013), and The Courier’s Archive & Hymnal (2014)—metabolizes a wealth of texts and references, yet remains, adamantly, a work of art unto itself. Meadow […]

“‘All my conceptions are misconceptions’: A Conversation with Joshua Marie Wilkinson,” curated by Kristina Marie Darling “

Joshua Marie Wilkinson grew up in Seattle and lives in Tucson. He’s written a book called Meadow Slasher (Black Ocean 2017) and some others, too. With Lisa Wells,he runs a press called Letter Machine Editions and a journal called The Volta. He teaches creative writing, literature, and film at the […]

The Lyric “I” as a Conversation: On Collaborative Poetry and the Fiction of the Single Speaker

Recent years have seen an ever-increasing preoccupation with the ownership of literary texts, a desire to claim everything from lived experience to pieces of language and literary forms. One might argue that this proprietary approach to writing may be linked to an artistic tradition that has for so long privileged […]