JM Miller

JM Miller is a trans-identified poet, essayist, instructor and healer living on a 10-acre organic farm on Vashon Island, WA. JM has published one poetry collection, Wilderness Lessons (FutureCycle), and a chapbook, Primitive Elegy (alicebluebooks), They won the Grand Prize for the Eco Arts Awards in 2014 & was a finalist for’s 2013 poetry contest. JM teaches poetry and creative nonfiction writing at the University of Washington in Tacoma and is an instructor at Richard Hugo House. More?

Wolf Tone by JM Miller

    Wolf tone is a dissonance—a tremble within a pattern. Imagine the tiny drums between heartbeats as flutters of air between wingbeats. The tone is a background vibration howling through a song, not so much echo as result. A wolf tone is necessary if we ever hope to hear […]