Jennifer Key

Jennifer Key is the author of The Old Dominion (University of Tampa). She currently holds a John and Renée Grisham Fellowship in poetry at the University of Mississippi. Her work has appeared in Callaloo, The Carolina Quarterly, The Antioch Review, and Poetry Daily. Her honors include a Diane Middlebrook Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin and a Henry Hoyns Fellowship at the University of Virginia.

Winter Solstice by Jennifer Key

    No neat bales tally the end of winter’s ledger. Instead, my father’s dog, an arabesque in white, whirls in the haze grown two feet tall. The setter who always points his target cannot find his master. Late afternoons hereafter we’ll see what we’ve been navigating in the dark. […]

The Murder by Jennifer Key

    Not crows but the land they glean come fall and me in that place, wearing another under my nails. Night made a bride of me, married to dirt. You would not imagine a tree but it grew—a refusal of field as was I. Mornings, the sun fell through […]