Emily Rosko

Emily Rosko is the author of Weather Inventions (University of Akron Press, forthcoming 2018), Prop Rockery (U Akron P 2012), and Raw Goods Inventory (U Iowa Press, 2006). Recent poems appear in Epoch, Crab Orchard Review, and West Branch. She is the editor of A Broken Thing: Poets on the Line (U Iowa P 2011) and poetry editor for Crazyhorse. She teaches at the College of Charleston.

Lament by Emily Rosko

    Out of lament for the body, touch the body. Skin marred with sunspots and scars and the tenderest touch of lips to the inner-under wrist. Out of this body, the fear of no body, where all mass evaporates into sun, the instant heat of now, then not. Out […]

The Feed Game by Emily Rosko

    The antiquated stench of the town—horse piss, saltmarsh, rotting shoes and wood—and upward our noses turn. Ballast-packed streets, the ships unloading wares to market. Handled and nameless. We’ve got our science minds on tonight. We sit inside a clapboard house playing “Solve for Mouse” in hospital gloves at […]

The Sweet-Bitter by Emily Rosko

    The list of wants lengthened. Though, for a while, I didn’t need you anymore. Seasons shifted from the passive arid blue sky to the tropical congestions of heavy-bellied clouds. The heat of summer collapsed a onehundred- year-old tree. The root ball resembled a medusa head. I did much […]