Emily Rose Cole

Emily Rose Cole is a writer and lyricist from Pennsylvania, and the author of a persona chapbook, Love and a Loaded Gun, forthcoming from Minerva Rising Press. She has received awards from Jabberwock Review, Ruminate Magazine, and the Academy of American Poets, and her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Nimrod, Spoon River Poetry Review, The Pinch, and Southern Indiana Review, among others. She holds an MFA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and is currently a PhD student at the University of Cincinnati. You can reach her via her website at emilyrosecolepoetry.com

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Introduction   The current thinking is that we manifested them as a means of self-defense. Take, for example, Oophaga granulifera, the granular poison frog, which evolved camouflage first, and then poisonous skin. It was like that. In the beginning, we tried to blend: we adopted prey behaviors, traveled in herds. […]