Elaine Sexton

Elaine Sexton’s art criticism, poems, reviews, and visual works have appeared or are forthcoming online and in print with Art in America, ARTnews, Art New England, American Poetry Review, Oprah, Poetry, Poetry Daily, Plume and You Are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography. Her third collection of poetry, Prospect/Refuge, is forthcoming this year with The Sheep Meadow Press. Formerly a senior editor at ARTnews, she teaches text and image workshops at Sarah Lawrence College, New York University and privately. She is a member of the NBCC (National Book Critics Circle). elainesexton.org

Adam Hurwitz

  Clipper from A Hurwitz Studio on Vimeo.   Sick Day from A Hurwitz Studio on Vimeo.   THE ACTUAL LIGHT IN A VIRTUAL SPACE: A Micro-Interview with Adam Hurwitz by Elaine Sexton   ES: Adam, I experience these short computer generated videos much like that of reading a poem. […]

Mark Wagner

  MONEY IS AN INHERENTLY VOYAGING THING: A Micro-Interview with Mark Wagner by Elaine Sexton   ES: Mark, your currency collages are a curious fit for our themed issue in that money travels and returns. There’s movement imbedded in your work not solely by the material you use, but also […]

Jeremy Wood

  THE SENSATION OF BEING LOST: A Micro-Interview with Jeremy Wood by Elaine Sexton   ES: Your project “My Ghost” depicts your daily life (2000-2012) in London in what looks like the visual equivalent of a cardiac MRI! Especially the ones on a dark background, both intimate and detached at […]

Hayv Kahraman

  TO NEGOTIATE OTHERNESS INTO THE WORK: A Micro-Interview with Hayv Kahraman by Elaine Sexton   ES: The theme of this issue is of pilgrimage, voyage & return. The elegant and evident mix of influences in your work from Japanese calligraphy, Italian Renaissance painting, and illuminated Arab manuscripts of everyday […]

Robert Seydel

A prolific artist and writer, Robert Seydel (1960-2011), left behind a multi-layered, highly original body of work marked by both an unrelenting sense of play and an extraordinary and eclectic body of knowledge. Seydel’s ongoing and interrelated series incorporated collage, drawing, photography, narrative and lyric writing, often using various personas […]

Wrought Hell's Kitchen by Abeer Hoque

Abeer Hoque

(Click to enlarge)   RUIN & GRIT: A Micro Interview with ABEER HOQUE   by Elaine Sexton   ES: As a self-described Nigerian-born Bangladeshi-American writer and photographer, your body of work is made up of photographs of New York, and a particular aspect of New York, elements that have to […]