Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis lives in Worcester, MA. He is the author of “This Garden” and two chapbooks, “Tickets for the Broken Year” , and “Iconospheres”. Winner of the 2012 Frank O’Hara Prize, he has been published by The Cortland Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Bombay Gin, Diner, Blue Unicorn, and others.

I think I know by Dan Lewis

  what it will be like, not being here: a lot, in fact, like not being in Des Moines, Iowa. In Des Moines, Iowa there are (surely) streets–streets lined with storefronts and offices where right now (presumably) people are walking, singly and in pairs and groups, talking, or not, striding […]

The Alchemist by Dan Lewis

    Let whatever will dissolve do so. Then there’s what’s left. We say dregs because we lack courage to look down into the pit. Fearing perhaps our own reflection, we say we understand history. But what happens tomorrow is no closer than what happened yesterday, in a city we […]