Caroline Crew

Caroline Crew is the author of PINK MUSEUM (Big Lucks), as well as several chapbooks. Her poetry and essays appear in Conjunctions, DIAGRAM, and Gulf Coast, among others. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD at Georgia State University, after earning an MA at the University of Oxford and an MFA at UMass-Amherst. She’s online here:

Kant is a Size Queen by Caroline Crew   Recently updated !

    If art is the surveillance of nature, how much bigger can you get, Kant— absolutely great. You want it bigger than I take. A montage of mountains, caverns measureless to man—but there you are, ruler in hand. Is everything bigger in Texas? Kant, could you be a cowboy— […]

Bucolic by Caroline Crew   Recently updated !

    I have grown long / leggy / a stringing vine in my own hollow / ready for the tired bloom / of green realism / in the domestic scene / I am opened surgically / rebound in artificial material / my red thread / frayed from its fibres […]