grammar is political…(an excerpt from ‘Where You Stay At’) by Jenn Marie Nunes

grammar is political. i can hear
your difference.           subtle hunger
built in a sea of me. the subjectivity
of          gurrrl. built
before test tubes from the bones
of rampant the leaflets shredded into
            i’m not thankful. what you
from the grown man.           gurrrl.
           what you made
rooftop to dirge. anxious
           the dog
stench has layers. puppies split open
like packaging. beneath my spare
ribs a safe of dead buttons. gurrrl.
           my mouth
run on kerosene. the glitter
won’t never come out.
Jenn Marie Nunes is the author of 3 chapbooks: Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of Object, dancing girl press; OPERA TRANS OPERA, w/ Mel Coyle, alice blue books; and STRIP, PANK Magazine. Her work appears in such journals as Ninth Letter, Black Warrior Review, Horse Less Review and Finery, and she is co-founding editor of TENDE RLOIN, an online gallery for poetry.