Visual Art

Patricia Cronin

  Shrine for Girls: A Micro-Interview with Patricia Cronin by Elaine Sexton   A Note from the Artist on the Future of this Exhibit, Shrine for Girls: Originally conceived as site-specific sculptural installation reflecting on the global plight of exploited women and girls for the 2015 Venice Biennale inside the […]

Ben McLaughlin

    Time & Memory: A Micro-Interview with Ben McLaughlin by Elaine Sexton   Elaine Sexton:  It was a challenge to select just a few images to represent your work. While each painting stands alone, once seen as a sequence I found looking at the entire body of work to be […]

Amy Sherald

  Making Mirrors: A Micro-Interview with Amy Sherald   by Elaine Sexton   Elaine Sexton: What led you to choose portraiture over other forms, given your interest in “staged narratives”? One can see, immediately, that your portraits are performances, not just a rendering of what you first see, but a […]

Rick Fox

    HOW FAR I ALLOW MYSELF TO GO AWAY FROM THE WORLD: A Micro-Interview with Rick Fox by Elaine Sexton   ES: Until recently your exhibited work has been oil on canvas, close to abstract seascapes and landscapes, shapes on the edge of being identified as such. This new work, […]