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Rachel Eliza Griffiths

    DOUBLE-CONSCIOIUSNESS: A Micro-Interview with Rachel Eliza Griffths by Elaine Sexton   ELAINE SEXTON: Among these photographs from your current exhibit, “American Stanzas,” (Poets House/NYC) is a self-portrait, an homage to the iconic painting, “The Two Fridas (1939)” by Frida Kahlo. This might be a good starting point to talk about the dual practice […]

Portrait of Ancestors Looking Through the Veil As I Look Back

2016-11-21 17.50.38

Aaron Smith

        INSIDE THE BOXES: A Micro-Interview with AARON SMITH by Elaine Sexton   ELAINE SEXTON: Aaron, it turns out you are an image-maker in two genres: poetry and collage. I first noticed your collages on social media. Your visual vocabulary, as in your poetry, is neither shy nor delicate. Yet, in the […]

Terry Castle

    Queer Forms: A Micro Interview with Terry Castle by Elaine Sexton     ELAINE SEXTON: When did you first apply your precision with details, keenly observed, to making visual works of art? In one striking essay in The London Review of Books you wrote about your last visit with Susan Sontag, a verbal […]

LiotardTJC3 copy

Patricia Cronin, "Shrine for Girls" (detail)

Patricia Cronin

  Shrine for Girls: A Micro-Interview with Patricia Cronin by Elaine Sexton   A Note from the Artist on the Future of this Exhibit, Shrine for Girls: Originally conceived as site-specific sculptural installation reflecting on the global plight of exploited women and girls for the 2015 Venice Biennale inside the smallest church in Venice, the […]

Ben McLaughlin

    Time & Memory: A Micro-Interview with Ben McLaughlin by Elaine Sexton   Elaine Sexton:  It was a challenge to select just a few images to represent your work. While each painting stands alone, once seen as a sequence I found looking at the entire body of work to be like reading a collection of […]

Ben McLaughlin, "00:40 A Night With Beyonce," from "Anyone Awake?" (2012)

Amy Sherald

  Making Mirrors: A Micro-Interview with Amy Sherald   by Elaine Sexton   Elaine Sexton: What led you to choose portraiture over other forms, given your interest in “staged narratives”? One can see, immediately, that your portraits are performances, not just a rendering of what you first see, but a true composition, embellished, engaged. Would […]

Rebecca Allan

    ABSTRACT IMAGES OF THE PLANET: A Micro-Interview with Rebecca Allan by Elaine Sexton   ES: We’ve selected a number of your tondinos, or globe-shaped works to feature in this issue, which you have made alongside your other landscape-oriented work for quite some time. Would you talk a bit about what led you to this […]

"Sparkling River Tondo." Acrylic on Canvas (2011).

“Fear of Waves.” Oil on Canvas (2015).

Katherine Bradford

    A FEELING OF LUMINOSITY: A Micro-Interview with Katherine Bradford by Elaine Sexton   ES: I’ve just come from “Fear of Waves,” an exhibition of your work at CANADA gallery in New York. These new painting are more complex than earlier work, incorporating aspects of “outer space” and on a much larger scale? Would you […]

Rick Fox

    HOW FAR I ALLOW MYSELF TO GO AWAY FROM THE WORLD: A Micro-Interview with Rick Fox by Elaine Sexton   ES: Until recently your exhibited work has been oil on canvas, close to abstract seascapes and landscapes, shapes on the edge of being identified as such. This new work, the subject of a recent […]

Rick Fox. "Nudge." Charcoal on Paper (2015).

"T Om." Mixed-Media on Paper.

Janet Pierce

    MEDITATIVE PRACTICE HAS BECOME MY COUNTRY: A Micro-Interview with Janet Pierce by Elaine Sexton   ES: I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest a connection between this work and that of Mark Rothko, though with a more luminous dimension. They appeared to be shot through with light. I understand this is achieved […]