Judge’s Citation by Danielle Dutton   Recently updated !

There’s such energy in this story, a really wonderful movement of thought and feeling. I felt surprised by these movements again and again, consistently delighted by what the story brought before me with each new shift, each new insight, each new image or figure. Reading it I kept thinking Where did […]

She Wondered if the Gun Was Loaded: An Introduction to Sara Hopkins’ Work by Andrea Applebee

    The writing of Sara Hopkins centers on relationships between women as complex, decision-making characters fully engaged with the challenges of their time. She explores landscapes of identity and dialects of violence while tracking these characters’ navigation through their environments. With an exacting balance of humor, urgency, and observation, […]

Wyoming by Tyler Truman Julian & Joshua Young

A Process Note I first started thinking about video poetry and experimental film centered on poetry as “poem-films,” because of Rabbit Light Movies and Joshua Marie Wilkinson’swork as a filmmaker (I still have burned DVDs of the films he used to mail out to subscribers).  I found beauty in the lo-fi […]