Another Life by Daniel Lipara – translated by Robin Myers

      Daniel Lipara—poet, translator, and editor—was born in Buenos Aires in 1987. He translated Learning to Sleep by John Burnside (2017), Memorial by Alice Oswald (in collaboration with Mirta Rosenberg, forthcoming), and The Beauty of the Husband by Anne Carson (in collaboration with Ezequiel Zaidenwerg, forthcoming). Otra vida […]

from Letter by Letter: “Essential Features” by Tomasz Różycki – translated by Mira Rosenthal

    What else to write to you? Equally you in the expanse outside the window—space that never ends, but grows, expands, extends, now most of all as I write—are infinitely   smalls things the microscope cannot perceive. It’s always possible to crush the heart more finely. What appears as […]