“The Jester’s Fairy-tale” by Michael Ende, translated by Elisabeth Kinsey   Recently updated !

Act 1 Setting Construction site on the outskirts of a big city. A winter evening. The sky still reflects light, but during this first act, little by little, it will become fully engulfed in evening. A looming, pallid, full moon rises over the vapor-silhouette of a smoke-stack amidst factories. A […]

A Guide by Grzegorz Białkowski, translated by Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka   Recently updated !

    lightning leads the world from darkness into darkness       Grzegorz Białkowski (1932-1989) was a Polish poet and physicist. The two poems come from his eighth, posthumous book, Figury z piasku (Sand Figures), published in Poland in 2015 by the Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego. During his lifetime Białkowski’s […]

Contemporary Art is Internationally Appealing by Vincent Ravalec, translated by Wendeline A. Hardenberg

    The challenge was to make appealing something that was not. To transform this godforsaken city, populated by people as indifferent to art as tourists are to the idea of visiting the only historic building—a vague ruin of a castle—in a glamorous destination. After all, what the Guggenheim did […]

Lights like Poets by Fina García Marruz, translated by Katherine M. Hedeen and Janet McAdams   Recently updated !

    The evening empties, inexplicably. Places no longer receive us, toss us out, to the elements. There’s cold and wind. Sounds linger, trembling in the air, don’t know to disappear. And then a poet the usual one, somewhere, takes a blank sheet of paper, totals up the void (consoled […]

The Bend by Fina García Marruz, translated by Katherine M. Hedeen and Janet McAdams   Recently updated !

    Who could say for sure? You see it as you pass by: eyes sinking into a broken, red dirt road; to the side, some painters’ shacks: tender blue doorways, smoky roof: the green runs to the back, lively as a hen, pecking at the wash, losing itself among […]