The Apaches of Kiev by Agustín Cadena, translated by C.M. Mayo

    The story about the body they found in the Botanic Garden came out in the newspapers and on television. The Kiev police identified it immediately: Dmitri Belov, reporter and political analyst known for his scathing criticism of President Poroshenko’s administration. Presumably it was a suicide, but until they […]

Confession to Hippocrates of Kos by João Luís Barreto Guimarães, translated by Calvin Olsen

    I’m reminded of that time I treated a carpenter. On the operating table nothing too extraordinary— anyone who saw us working (my colleague and myself) would say the technical dance unfolded in perfection (the fingers on the sick hand so many times mistreated: there were more of them […]

Montreal, Zero Hour by Alejandro Saravia, translated by María José Giménez

    “You see,” Carmencita Liang said in English on a February evening in Montreal, drinking Spanish wine in her small apartment near Place-des-Arts metro station, “in China we keep our ancestors’ last name for generations. That’s how we know where we come from. We’re not like you. You only […]

The Efficacy of the Light by João Luís Barreto Guimarães, translated by Calvin Olsen

    The cats in Ano Mera if they were religious would be orthodox Christians. They are the first icons to receive us upon entering (one of them more delicate dressed in gray and white: due to so much coat licking she’s almost erased her stripes). Strangers in this monastery […]